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Chugging Days Are Over?

Street fundraising – more popularly known as ‘charity mugging’ and shortened to chugging – may be on the way out for good. An undercover reporter revealed that Tag Campaigns, a large chugging company in Britain, has broken strict rules about its practices, according to The Telegraph.

Oxfam is pulling out of a campaign worth £630,000 with them after this report. WWF is awaiting the outcome of an inquiry before deciding whether to continue working with the firm. The NSPCC has also stopped using them.

The Telegraph reported that:

“Following the revelations, the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) – which investigates complaints about charities – began an inquiry, and Tag announced it would be working with the regulator to introduce a new training programme for its operatives.

Oxfam said it had halted its campaign and will only consider restarting it when the training has been introduced and approved by the PFRA.

The charity started its campaign with Tag on June 18, a week before The Sunday Telegraph’s revelations.

As with the Marie Curie project, paid staff stopped people in the street and encouraged them to send a text message donation. Donors would then be telephoned by staff from Listen – Tag’s call centre sister company, to persuade them to set up a direct debit.”

I’m certain many people will be glad to see the last of them. Do your donating online, where you can happily choose what you’re giving, and know exactly how much, and not be pestered over the phone afterwards.



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